Learn to build your own damn website.

There's no need to pay a web designer when you can build a great website on your own. I'll show you the best tips, tricks and tools to get your website up and running.

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How to build  your own website

How to build your own website

Take the course for absolute beginners and learn how to build and launch your own website.

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The entrepreneurial superpower of building your own websites

Here are 5 reasons why building your own websites will make you a better entrepreneur.

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Does your website suck?

Does your website suck?

Are you making any of these sucky mistakes that could cost you business? Better take this test and find out.

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Hi! I'm Nick.

I'm a professional web developer and the founder of Build Your Own Damn Website. I believe that being able to make great websites is an entrepreneurial superpower. Don't pay someone big bucks to get your business online. I'll show you how to build your own damn website!