Why Building Your Own Websites is an Entrepreneurial Superpower

So you want to be a better entrepreneur? Building your own websites is an entrepreneurial superpower.


Your website is where people come to learn about your products, interact with your brand and to (ideally) spend their money. Building your own websites will ensure that you can build your digital shopfront quickly, cheaply, more efficiently and ultimately better. Here are 5 reasons why building your own websites will make you a better entrepreneur.

Reason 1: Test new ideas for less money

When you can build your own sites, you have the freedom to spin up a site whenever you need to. Maybe you want to try out a new business idea. Or maybe you decide that your own personal brand deserves its own web presence. Now you don’t have to worry abo

ut the large startup expenses of a new website, because you can just do it yourself. For free. As many times as you want.

Reason 2: Iterate faster

"Wham" in a comic book style

In Eric Ries’s book The Lean Startup, he evangelized that good startups iterate their product rapidly based on va

lidation and user feedback. Imagine needing to make an update to your website: do you want to wait around for your web designer to fix it, or would you rather have the ability to do it yourself? Your web designer won’t always be available to fix things. You can reduce the amount of time Shrink the loop between feedback and action smaller

Reason 3: Do more with your money

Especially if you’re starting a new business, you need to spend your money as wisely as possible. That means not wasting money on an unnecessary web designer!

Even if you have the budget to blow on a website, you could be spending that money elsewhere. Instead of spending $2000 to build a site, you could spend that money on driving real customers to your business with advertising.

Reason 4: Be more competitive

"Boom" in a comic book style

If your business is competing on price and you don’t spend money to just build your website, you can charge less for your products to achieve the same profit margin. Or, even better, you can use that money you saved to expand your business even more.

Reason 5: Build bigger

If your budget is holding back the scale and functionality of your website, that’s not a good thing. When you build your own websites, you don’t need to worry about a massive web designer bill if you want a massive website. If you can build your own, you can make your website as big as your business requires: no monetary limits on the amount of content or functionality.

Be a superhuman entrepreneur

"Pow" in a comic book style

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to start building your own sites. It’s a good entrepreneurial skill to have, and it’s not too difficult. If you’re ready to learn, take our free crash course:

How to build your own damn website