Lesson 1: Getting Started

What You’ll Need

  • An email address
  • A Wix account
  • An idea for a website
  • A computer or a tablet (don’t try and build a site on your mobile phone)

Sign up for Wix

Wix.com is a website builder that’s both flexible and easy to use. I recommend signing up for a free account while you’re still learning. Fill in the required fields and then click Sign Up. For some reason, Wix makes you enter both your email and password twice.

Get a free Wix.com account

Wix Signup Form

Choose your site type

After you sign up, Wix asks you what type of site you want to build. Each category will set up different modules based on what it thinks you need. Just choose the category that best suits you. If you’re unsure which category to choose, simply select Other.

Choose your site type

Wix ADI or Wix Editor?

The short answer is: choose Wix Editor. Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to generate a website for you. I think this takes all of the fun out of building a site and doesn’t encourage you to build a good website. I would always choose Wix Editor when building a site with Wix. Click “Choose a Template” to begin.

Wix ADI or Wix Editor

Choosing a Template

Choose a template that is close to the design and layout you’re hoping to achieve. It doesn’t have to be perfect: you will be able to make edits to the style and layout as needed.

Choose a Template

Good Job!

You’ve just taken the first step towards establishing a presence on the web. You’ve signed up to a Website Builder and chosen a theme that matches your vision for a website. In the next steps, we’ll work on customizing the theme you chose and then add some content.